Privacy Info

Confidentiality is a concern for many patients. It is your right to expect and assume that information shared during the course of therapy will be kept private. Within certain legally defined limitations (i.e. risk to yourself and/or others associated with child and/or elder neglect/abuse and suicidal/homicidal danger), you can be assured that information about you and your therapy will not be revealed without your permission. Please be aware that although the specifics of your situation will be shared with your insurance company only as necessary to obtain authorization for treatment, each claim form which leaves this office through the U.S. Mail and/or electronic billing system contains coded diagnostic information. This is a necessary procedure in order to bill any and all insurance companies.

Collaboration with other professionals may, at times, help us meet your needs more effectively. If we are required or requested to discuss your case, we will do our very best to protect your privacy. Should we be required to discuss your case with anyone, you will be asked to sign a written release allowing us to do so.